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Word application screenupdating false not working

If this does happen, you may need to repeat the line: Application.

Screen Updating = False in other parts of your macro. Convert Excel Spreadsheets To Webpages | Trading In Excel | Construction Estimators | Finance Templates & Add-ins Bundle | Code-VBA | Smart-VBA | Print-VBA | Excel Data Manipulation & Analysis | Convert MS Office Applications To......

We can observe that there is no screen updating till running the macro.

Don’t forget to reset the Screen Updating valsue as TRUE at the end of the macro.

If we set Screen Updating property to TRUE then it turns on the screen updating else turn off the screen updating. In the above syntax Application represents object and Screen Updating is the Property of Application object.When we set Screen Updating property of an application object to false then it will speed up the macro. Please find the below example for Screen Updating Property of an application object in excel VBA.Explanation: In the above example, it will display numbers from 1 to 100 in the first column on Sheet1.The reason it speeds up code is because Excel no longer needs to repaint the screen whenever it encounters such commands as Select, Activate, Large Scroll, Small Scroll and many others. Screen Updating=False should be placed at the Start of your macro like shown below Note how we have set the Screen Updating back to True on completion.While Excel will set this back to True whenever focus is passed back to Excel (your macro finishes) in most cases, it pays to play it safe and include the code at the end.

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The VBA code of selecting all tables: Select all tables with kutools for Word Comparing with using a VBA code to select all tables in a document, Kutools for Word’s Select Table is quite handy.

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